Turn Key GSHP plant

We have developed a turn key GSHP plant concept for several standard modules that can be completely pre-manufactured, tested and commissioned before site delivery. Advantages of this approach are:

  • Proven design
  • Design easily adapted to project requirements (capacity, hybrid options)
  • Design easily adapted to site requirements (technical room layout and services)
  • Off site manufacturing to high standard
  • Pressure tested before shipment
  • All control cables and equipment tested before shipment
  • State-of-the-art control software with energy saving algorithms
  • Minimum on site assembly, commissioning and testing time

Illustration of two pipe model

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Please explore the several sections in the illustration (by moving your cursur over the item and selecting it) for more information.

In this example the following components are highlighted:

  • A: heat pumps and hybrid options
  • B: Heat Transfer Unit(s)
  • C: Hydraulic Switch Unit
  • D: Plantroom works