Groenholland consultancy

Technical consultancy based on academic skills and 20 years of practical experience with shallow geothermal projects and installations. Below is a scope of the consultancy work that Groenholland can provide.

Desktop studies

In many projects the desktop approach is the sensible first step. An inventory of available information and an evaluation of what's relevant and useful.

- Geological inventory of available borelogs and drilling records

- Geohydrological information on water quality, protection areas etc.

- Assessment of geothermal design parameters.

- Drilling conditions, selection of drilling technology.

- Environmental quality of site, past and future use.

- Underground structures, tunnels, cables, sewers, water mains etc.

- EA consultancy, site specific restrictions

- Water management for site, drainage , permits

- Site logistics, project planning, H&S issues

Geothermal Response Testing

The next step in establishing drilling conditions on site and the suitability for closed loop application.

- Test borehole, test of selected drilling technology.

- Geo-technical assessment of borehole arisings.

- Drilling water consumption, effluent quality and quantity.

- Measurement of geothermal design parameters.

- Effects of groundwater movement on loops.

- Evaluation of borehole and wellfield design.

Building energy assessment & energy strategy

Essential for the design of closed loop Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems is assessment of the heating and cooling loads that these systems will have to provide to the building. Both annual loads (MWh) and peak loads (kW) are of importance.

- Building energy requirements based on best practice.

- Dynamical building simulation.

- Energy strategy optimization for single or multiple building projects

- GSHP system operational & controls strategy

- Energy system modelling and evaluation

Evaluation of existing designs and systems

Groenholland have the expertise and experience to evaluate existing designs and GSHP projects. Many GSHP installation function have basic flaws, operate at to low efficiency or suffer from poor integration with building heating and cooling circuits.

- Design evaluation, model parameters, sensitivity analyses.

- Thermal and hydraulic evaluation of existing GSHP projects.

- Review and evaluation of design specifications, schematics and controls.

- Modelling of long term (geo)thermal effects and project sustainability.

Would you like to know more or to discuss your plans or projects, please contact us.

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mr. P.G. (Peter) Heaton + 44 (0)7 905508726 (Havant, UK)

Money well spent

With an anticipated life span of more then 50 years a borehole heatexchanger will service a number of heatpump installations in it's life.

Design is therefore the key to an efficient and troublefree usage of such a system and balance between investment and payback.

A building designed with energy savings and sustainability in mind will offer the lowest long term cost and will benefit the owner and the environment.