Simultanuous Heating and Cooling

This high-end ground source heat pump system delivers heating and cooling to the building using two separate plate heat exchangers, one for heating an one for cooling. Alternatively, the cooling system can be directly connected to the cooling coil of an Air Handling Unit (AHU).

The borehole heat exchanger is used in an intelligent way to maintain proper temperature levels at both the heating (condensor) and cooling (evaporator) side of the system. Morever, a free cooling loop is available as well. This system offers exceptional performance (COP > 9).

If peak shaving or backup capacity is required, the system can be extended by adding gas-fired or biomass boilers for additional heating capacity or dry air coolers for additional cooling capacity. Thermal solar panels or other sustainable energy systems can be integrated as well.


  • Capacity 50 kW - 1 MW
  • Simultanuous heating and cooling
  • Extremely high COP (> 9.5) possible.
  • COP > 20 during free cooling
  • Seasonal and diurnal energy store
  • Buffer capacity 0.5 - 3 m3
  • Energy exchange using high performance plate heat exchangers
  • Degassing & pressurisation included
  • Expansion facilities included
  • Hybrid options possible