Header sub stations

When BHE wellfields are at a distance from the plantroom, using a header substation is an option to keep the wellfield compact and reduce flow losses in connecting pipework.

Sub stations can be dimensioned and engineered to suit positioning requirements as in parking bays and under roads. Sub stations come complete with headers, pipework and isolating valves. In most cases a simple gravel base will serve as a foundation.

Header pit specifications

Specifications for header pits depend on whether they are installed in out of the way places or areas with traffic movement and high axle loads, such as roads, parking areas, loading bays etc

Header pits can be made accessable to enable the valving off of individual BHE loops or sections of pipework. This is practical when flushing systems or with potential future groundworks near the wellfield area.

Health and safety issues may require multiple access and ventilation openings.

Turrets and access covers are built up and installed on site and are integrated in the surface finish.