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Current projects

With over a 100 projects since our geo-energy start in 1996 we present a selection of recent projects.

Welsh Assembly, Cardiff

St. James's Gateway, Piccadilly, London

In the heart of London, the Crown Estates are opening a multi storey retail, office and apartment building using a geothermal wellfield under the structure as the energy backbone. The project is expected to be ready in the summer of 2013.

St. James's Gateway building

UCL Academy, Swiss Cottage, London

A 350 kW capacity heat pump isntallation provides heating and cooling to the school. Solar thermal integration provides annual thermal regeneration to borehole  wellfield of this heating dominated project. Ground source heat pump installation and solar recharge in Groenholland control package.

Main installation panel in plantroom under construction


Lakeshore, Bristol

The former headquarters of the Imperial Tobacco Company has been converted into a residential building containing 286 apartments. Heat pumps with a total capacity of 300 kW's have been installed. Integration with passive solar panels for the long term thermal regeneration of the borehole wellfield has been foreseen.

Worl Wildlife Foundation (WWF) UK headquarters, Woking

This new "state of the art" building in central Woking is under construction. The borehole wellfield was installed in May 2012. Completion is anticipated by September 2013.

Artist impression

The real thing


Swiss Cottage School & the UCL academy, London

Reaching completion, this is one of the largest school projects in the UK. The heat pump installation provides both heating and cooling and has been integrated with the school's solar thermal panels.

With a 350 kW capacity the heat pump installation has complete stand alone controls allowing monitoring and energy metering through a web based interface. Communication with the main BMS is via BACnet IP.

Soil temperature monitoring project, Etten-Leur (NL)

In 2005 Groenholland teamed up with the municipality of Etten-Leur to design and create one of the largest shallow geothermal projects in the world. Although the project is little known, it consists of over one thousand homes, each with an individual heat pump as the sole source of heating and DHW. The total installed heat pump capacity is between 4 and 5 MW on this 15 hectare large development.

What makes this project so special is that is has not only been designed on the drawing board and computer, but that it has actually been installed and futhermore has been in operation for over 5 years.

In the summer of 2011 over 25 observation wells have been installed to monitor ground and groundwater temperatures, allowing insight into the effects on the soil temperature of this very large scale application.

Not only is essential information being gathered that will be useful to similar developments throughout the world, but also a very first validation of large scale application of model based design, incorporating the effects of moving groundwater is taking place.

Holland Park School, London

The first phase wellfield was installed back in the summer of 2010. Delivery of all the modulair plantroom kit to the buildings "Energy Centre" took place in November 2011. Further work, such as the connection of the site pipework and cabling took place in the spring and summer of 2012. In September 2012 the heat pump installation was commissioned. At this moment (October 2012) the heat pump system is up and running and capable of part load functioning, as the second phase wellfield will not be installed until the spring of 2013.

Project types

Groenholland projects cover a wide range of buildings, all using vertical closed loop groundsource systems.

* Individual homes

* Apartments

* Public buildings

* Educational projects

* Universities & schools

* Commercial buildings

* Warehousing