Seasonal Changeover Heating or Cooling

This high-end ground source heat pump system only uses one buffer tank and heat exchanger to exchange thermal energy with the building. It is suited for systems experiencing a seasonal (and possibly daily) changeover of heating and cooling requirement.

The borehole heat exchanger is used to either extract or inject heat into the ground, functioning as a seasonal or diurnal energy store. A free cooling loop is available as well. This system offers very high performance (COP > 5).

If peak shaving or backup capacity is required, the system can be extended by adding gas-fired or biomass boilers for additional heating capacity or dry air coolers for additional cooling capacity. Thermal solar panels or other sustainable energy systems can be integrated as well.


  • Capacity 50 kW - 1 MW
  • Sesonal changeover heating or cooling
  • High COP (> 5) possible.
  • COP > 20 during free cooling
  • Seasonal and diurnal energy store
  • Buffer capacity 0.5 - 3 m3
  • Energy exchange using high performance plate heat exchanger
  • Degassing & pressurisation included
  • Expansion facilities included
  • Hybrid options possible