Research and Development

Although ground source heat pumps are in use for over 40 years, and can be considered a well proven technology, there remains ample room for research into these systems. Especially with regard to the thermal and hydraulic design of large-scale systems, integration of cascading and hybrid systems and operational control as well as with regard to site and building characterisation there is room for significant improvement.

We carry out in-house research and cooperate within European research projects, working together with industry and academic institutions to enhance the quality of ground source heat pump systems.

Current R&D activities

New type of heat exchanger: A new developed type of soil heat exchanger is in the testing phase, showing enhanced hydraulic and thermal characteristics.

Compact hydraulic TRT test machine: Based on over 15 years of experience with our TRT equipment, Groenholland are developing a more compact, easier to transport version, complete with high laboratory type quality standards. This is a standard "heating only" machine, but a sophisticated tool capable of running thermal and hydraulic tests, complete with measurement protocols, reporting tools and sensor calibration.

If you are interested in signing up for the testing program, which will include an introduction into TRT testing and a training on the use of the TRT equipment, please contact Henk Witte at Groenholland, Amsterdam




Research projects

European research programmes.

  • GroundMed, seventh framework programme. The GROUND-MED project demonstrates the next generation of geothermal heat pump (GSHP) systems for heating and cooling in 8 demonstration sites of South Europe. A measured seasonal performance (SPF) higher than 5,0 will be demonstrated.
  • Sherhpa, sixth framework programme. Brings heat pumps and refrigeration systems to the summit of innovation and sustainable development using natural refrigerants: Hydrocarbons, Ammonia and CO2
  • GeoCool, fifth framework programme. Designing and optimization of a ground source water-to-water heat pump using natural refrigerants.

International Energy Agency

  • ECES, energy conservation through energy storage. Annex 20: sustainable cooling with thermal energy storage.
  • ECES, energy conservation through energy storage. Annex 21: Thermal Response Test for Underground Thermal Energy Storage.