IEA Energy Conservation through Energy Storage

This Implementing Agreement is one of the 14 IA's in the R&D programme "Efficient Energy End-Use technologies". There are currently four active annexes, Groenholland  is currently especially involved in Annex 21 "Thermal Response Tests for Underground Thermal Energy Storage" where we are work package leader for Task 2 new Developments.

Also we are coordinating with the IEA Annex 13 members a course on TRT.

International Energy Agency

IEA was formed by a group of OECD member states in 1974 after the oil crisis. First aim was to set up a system to share available oil resources in times of supply crises. Later another focus was developed in the area of future of energy supplies and a number of research and information exchange programs have been established. The collaboration takes place under Implementing Agreements (IA) which specify the commitments of the Contracting Parties. There are five IEA R&D Working Parties under which a number of IAs are performed. The Contracting Parties can be government organisations or private entities designated by their respective governments. Non-IEA Member countries can become Associate Contracting Parties. Today there are 25 Participating Countries in the IEA work